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Comments in the press:
IBM lowers mainframe costs with specialty processors - this article was picked up by AllBusiness and can be found here.
Fresh talent entering mainframe workforce - this article was picked up by AllBusiness and can be found here, and also by Newstin and can be found here.
Plugging the mainframe skills gap.

Articles published in zJournal:
"Ways to Save Money and Improve IT Services" in the December 2011/January 2012 issue.
"CICS Top Performance and Tuning Issues" in the August/September 2011 issue.
"IMS: IMS and Cloud Computing" in the October/November 2010 issue.
"IMS: An Exciting Future Still Ahead" in the August/September 2009 issue.
This is referenced on the IBM IMS Library page.
"Mainframe Application Modernization" in the February/March 2009 issue.
"Enterprise Information Integration: A Common Language for Mainframe Data Sources" in the October/November 2008 issue.
"Achieving successful database auditing" in the June/July 2008 issue.

An article was published in the May-June 2008 issue of Mainframe Executive magazine entitled "Database archiving for the future".

Articles published in NaSPA's Technical Support magazine:
"TCP/IP Monitoring" in February 2005.
"Composite Applications - A Beginner's Guide to What Products are Available" in September 2005.
"Application Development Choices" in November 2005.
"AJAX - offering desktop-level development quality over the Web" in June 2006.
"Web 2.0 - what is it and why should I care?" in August 2006. This was also published in Network Support magazine.
"CICS channels and containers" in September 2006.
"Don't miss the Enterprise Service Bus" in November 2006.
"Virtualization: Real Advantages" in April 2007.

Articles published on the NASPA Web site:
"Mainframe Futures" in May 2007.
"Project ECLipz: What is it and Why is it Important?" in June 2007.

It seems the NaSPA site is no longer making these articles available.

Article published in the Institution of Engineering and Technology's Engineering & Technology magazine - issue 20 (cover date 21 November - 4 December 2009):
"Mainframes: life begins at 45".

Blogs published on the Destination z Web site:
Getting Linux Under Control in December 2011.
DB2 and Galileo in November 2011.
Mainframe on a Phone in October 2011.
Cloud Mainframe, Mainframe Cloud in September 2011.
Filling the Information Vacuum in August 2011.
IBM's New Baby: The zEnterprise 114 in July 2011.

Article published in the IBM IMS newsletter 0801:
"Virtual IMS Connection".

Article published in MiddlewareSPECTRA:
"IDEs for middleware - a beginner's guide" in November 2007 (Volume 21 Report 4).

Articles published on the Accounting Web Web site:
There's more to Visio than organisational charts - part 1 in February 2009.
There's more to Visio than organisational charts - Part 2 also in February 2009.
Which is the best browser for me? in April 2009.
This article was picked up by A Website Accessibility Information Clearinghouse, on the Newstin site, Britannia Radio, and on the Phentermineonline site.

Article published on the Training Zone Web site:
An introduction to Visio: organisational charts and much more in March 2009.
Similar article published on the HR Zone Web site:
An introduction to Visio: organisational charts and much more also in March 2009.

Articles published on the Techie Crossing Web site:
"Database Auditing: Who Did What, to Which Data, When?" in December 2007.
"Database Archiving for Tomorrow" also in December 2007.

You can hear a podcast of Trevor's interview with Stephen Ibaraki on the CIPS Connection Web site.
You can hear Trevor's podcast for DataDirect about Modernizing Mainframe Applications at And you can read a transcript of the podcast at
You can listen to Trevor's podcast for DataDirect about Shadow V7.2.1 at And you can read a transcript of the podcast at
You can hear Trevor's podcast for DataDirect about The Future of the Mainframe at And you can read a transcript of the podcast at
You can listen to Trevor's podcast for DataDirect about the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook at And you can read a transcript of the podcast at
You can listen to Trevor's part of NASPA's third podcast by going to and clicking on the link saying, naspa-64630-06-08-2007.mp3.

The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2012 is now available.
iTech-Ed has produced the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook since 2008. The Yearbook is available free in PDF format. The new 2012 Yearbook is available here.
There are reference to the 2010 edition at:
the CA Community blog and Mainframe Watch Belgium.
There are reference to the 2009 edition at:
Mainframe Watch Belgium, Mainframe Watch Belgium again, Mainframes blog, and Bsecure, and Twitter. There are references to earlier editions at:
IBM Mainframe blog
Mainframe Watch Belgium
Server Specs.

The bi-monthly (every other month) newsletter produced by iTech-Ed for the Virtual IMS user group can be found here.

Arcati also produced a regular Web-based publication called Enterprise Data Centre Europe. This newsletter offered opinions, insights, and news for enterprise-level data centre professionals, and focused on service delivery, risk management and contingency planning, asset and cost management, and enterprise systems technology. iTech-Ed provided the news from the May 2004 issue onwards.

Trevor's blog - featured in the z/Flash e-Newsletter - was originally at Mainframe Weekly. It can now be found at IT toolbox and at Mainframe Update.

Trevor's blogs:
The blog about syslogd was a "Link We Love" in the mainframe Extra eNewsletter on 7 December 2010.
The blog about SharePoint was reprinted on the Microsoft TechNet blog site here.
The blog about Social media - a business tool was tweated by @heatherrae86.
Trevor's recent blogs about NEON's zPrime product have been discussed by T-REXXERS, in zPRIME: Get in While You Can, a tweat by Craig Mullins, and Mark Fontecchio's Mainframe Propeller Head entitled Advice on zPrime: Get in while you can.
A list of recent blogs is shown on the Geexoo site.
Data and Technology Today picked up on the DB2 speed blog. See it here.
ITIL/ITSM Headline News refers to a blog entitled IT Infrastructure Library.
"IMS - still life in the old dog!" was featured in Marc Wambeke's blog "Looking back on 2008 - Year Review" at Mainframe Watch Belgium. "Sometimes small isn't beautiful" was quoted by Mark Fontecchio in Mainframe Propellor Head. "Saving money on mainframes" was discussed by both Mark Fontecchio in Server Specs and Marc Wambeke in Mainframe Watch Belgium. It was also discussed on the IBM Main Listserv."The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2008" blog announcing the arrival of the 2008 edition of the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook was picked up by Mark Fontecchio in his article in ServerSpecs. "What's going on with CICS" is listed in the "Best of the Rest" section on the IBM CICS news page. "IBM launches its zX machine" was quoted by Greg Meckbach in the Enterprise Infrastructure eNewsletter and in Computerworld Canada. "IBM - the future" was heavily quoted from in Mark Fontecchio blog "And starring as the Hulk... IBM".
"SOA still making an impact" was referred to at Personal finance for the rising stars.
"Viper 2" is republished at SSWUG.
"IBM and Sun are very cosy!" is quoted in Sun Seeks Bigger Mainframe Storage Market Share.
"Virtualization - It's Really Clever" was also published on the DABCC Web site.
"On Demand versus virtualization" was also published on the DABCC Web site, at V-Magazine, Virtualization Technology news and information's VM blog, and the Virtual Strategy Magazine site here.
There's a pointer to it at the IT BusinessEdge site. It is referenced in Arthur Cole's blog, and quoted from at PC Blade Daily.
"Virtualization - a beginner's guide" is referenced in the Virtual iron virtualization blog.
"SOA - Same Old Architecture" is referenced by Managing Offshore IT.
"When is a mainframe not a mainframe?" is referenced by the Hercules-390 site and the
There are references to my blog at Craig Mullins' blog, James Governor's Mainframe blog, the Mainframe Watch site, Cyborg's alter ego, Personal Finance for the Rising Stars blog, and on the William Data Systems main page.
Aseem Anand lists Mainframe Update as a recommended blog.
System z - the modern mainframe lists Mainframe Update as a recommended blog.
The August-September 2006 issue of zJournal talks about Trevor's blog on page 6.

Anura Gurugé's IT In-Depth site is aimed at data center professionals and contains many in-depth articles on software, mainframes, Unix/Linux, other servers, and reviews. Trevor Eddolls wrote a number of articles that were published on this site.
An article about Corigin that was referenced at the Corigin site. One about Cybermation had a reference to it on Cybermation's site - before it was taken over by CA.

Trevor Eddolls is regularly interviewed by the Canadian Information Processing Society. The full interview can be found at A copy of this interview is also available on the Network Professional Association site at
A recent interview was highlighted in the editorial Blogged Down, "in the largest, oldest and most influential business technology print publication in Canada, Computing Canada, which goes out to most medium to large enterprises". Here's a press cutting.

Read Trevor's older interviews with Stephen Ibaraki of CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society):

The same interviews are available on the NPA (National Professional Association) Web site:

Another Web site with information about Trevor Eddolls is zoominfo.

Trevor Eddolls also gets a mention on page 10 of the Brocade report.

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His Chippenham history page is listed in the Welcome-2-Europe Web site at

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